Thursday, 27 January 2011


Hello! We're booting our antiquarian bookshop into the 21st century, and setting up a blog. Mainly just so we can tell you all how fabulous we are. Well, not really. Perhaps not all of the time. Mainly we'll be talking about the book industry, any author events that we've got coming up and any exciting new stock that lands on our doorstep.

As for us: we are a dying breed of bookshop with friendly clutter, books piled high, and a huge range to choose from. You can find us right next to Highgate tube station, but if you're not in London, you can view and search through most of our books over on ABE by clicking on this link here.

At the moment we have four members of staff including an actor, a writer [that's me] and an illustrator. We also have our lovely bookshop owner, Celia, and our fabulous bookshop dog, Daisy - a thirteen year old golden retriever who likes to plonk herself in the middle of our shop and dare you to try and make her move.

So, that's us - please come say hello to us, on here or in person. We'd love to hear from you.

Jen x


  1. Oh temptation Jen - sounds purrfect! (Assuming Daisy does not chase cats or I might be in trouble! :-) )

  2. Ah no, Celia has many cats - Daisy is fine with them :) x

  3. Highgate is one of my Great Good Places. I shall pop down one of these days.