Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Calling bookshops & festivals: Celia Mitchell, actress & Adrian Mitchell's wife, will do events to talk about 'Just Adrian,' Adrian's poetry and politics, and read his poems. If you'd like to chat about this, please contact Celia at

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  1. just one or two things..
    the store is great...very quaint looking!
    but the big problem is how your website works...its pains-takingly slow to load up...there is no history of the shop and know, stuff like how the name was chosen, photos and possibly short bio's of the staff running it, etc...things like that keep the customer's interest...otherwise he/she will click out of it in 3 secs flat! other thing is the online store...again, very photos at all hardly of the books you want to sell...very slow to load up, etc etc.
    come on guys...this is the 21st century...if you are going to survive, you just have to pull your socks up...otherwise you will go the way 1000s of bookshops worldwide have gone in this techie world of ours...goodness knows, its tough enough to sell real books these days...and there you are turning away customers! no opinions entirely!